We create content to educate the general public about sharks, skates and rays, the threats they face and conservation efforts to protect them. Courses include video lessons, activities, quizzes and action items. Our K-12 program will give students a chance to learn about shark biology and conservation while engaging with women of color working in the field of shark science. In the Grades K-2 class, students will get to do fun science experiments and exercises to learn about what makes sharks special. In the Grades 3-5 class students will explore shark anatomy while learning about some common shark species. The middle school class (Grades 6-8) will learn about some of the threats facing sharks and how scientists are working to understand and reverse negative human impacts on shark populations. Finally, the high school class (Grades 9-12) will learn about some of the techniques scientists use to study sharks while getting to practice analyzing some real data.



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